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Another one from my collection of Cambridge images.  The American Cemetery in Cambridge, with it’s memorial pillar stating  ‘Erected By The United States Of America  1954’,   is on 30 acres of land donated by the University of Cambridge, situated three miles outside the city. A high proportion of these 3,812 American servicemen & women were crew members of British-based American aircraft employed in WWII. This is an image of The Great Mall with, on the right-hand side, The Wall of the Missing.

Although the RAW file conversion was made in SilkyPix, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t still some lens distortion showing, and if you want to see the ‘uncorrected’ version, it’s on the zenfolio site at  (along with literally hundreds of my other LX3 images, grouped for ease of use).

With some Photoshop transform/distort, the image was almost there, and a touch of lens correction in Capture NX gave me the final result I was after.



For today, rather than a comp, a rant about DSLR mags, or some particular LX3 feature, advantage, benefit – just an image.

Walking along Coventry Street in London this morning, close to Leicester Square, there were two particular groups of people. One was an ever-growing queue awaiting the appearance of Johnny Depp for the film premiere tonight – they had a long wait in the 30C heat – and the other, captured here, was paying tribute at a memorial for Michael Jackson… his death certainly a sad loss.

Although often controversial, especially in recent years, there’s no doubting his songwriting & performing talent – and his innate ability, like so many like him, to surround himself with world-class players.

For those of you like me that may appreciate great guitar-playing, just think of some of the guitarists that have graced several of his best-known tracks … Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Steve Lukather, Steve Stevens… some of my favourite players of all time.

This photograph – captured by LX3 on my way through, in challenging light conditions – is here for the very many that appreciated his music.  Capturing a small slice of time – in a technically high-quality image – is made all the more easy with an LX3 as constant companion.

For an interview with Steve Lukather on the subject of the star’s untimely departure, check out his site at