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Something a little different this time : in the last six months, my LX3 has proven to be a fantastic camera for product images, and much of this is to do with – again – that f2-2.8 Leica lens, often in ‘macro’ mode, in combination with relatively larger pixels on a 10MP sensor, and a successful in-camera processing engine.

I was taking these shots this morning, and decided to try capturing the product against both white and black backgrounds. So What ?

Here’s a thought … take a look at the two images, taken with pretty well the same LX3 settings. If you ignore the background colour in each, and then take a look at the different colour rendering and detail between the two…

 Although the product is made of carbon-fibre, and is carbon grey in colour, with a satin but reflective finish, notice how the white-background version on the left has reflected right around the product, diminishing contrast. There’s also a warmth to the image, which was not my aim, and which I could have corrected in post-processing. 

The dark background – by far my preference for this image – has not added extra light, and the result seems much closer to the look I was after. The background has a huge effect on any image, rather than just the obvious, and some images of course suit high-key, and some low-key, against whichever background. It’s certainly an area worth thinking about in your own images, safe in the knowledge that the LX3 will perform very well, whatever your choice for the final ‘look’.

If you’re into product/macro subjects, you’ll find more LX3 galleries that relate at … and don’t forget that the LX3 is less expensive in itself than even some ‘average’ DSLR macro lens (only) … also, with its proven light-gathering capability and superb image stabilisation, you’re likely to get way better-than-average results every time !



We know how versatile the LX3 is, and in capturing the detail on this old pot, I was really pleased to not only get the level of fine detail I’d hoped for, but also a very accurate white balance. I’m not obsessive about this, but there was definitely room for a lot of improvement on the LX3, and Panasonic have done a fantastic job of it.

Some who’ve been reading LX3 Imaging will know that I’ve been using RAW files lately, wherever possible (ie time allowing), and that on such files, the wb can be changed at will in the SilkyPix raw converter software. Fact is, I’ve left it on the ‘camera default’ setting in SP most of the time – and my LX3 is set to Auto White Balance, with the latest firmware installed.

On this image, there’s the tail end of the warm evening glow coming in from the r/h side, while on the left is the much cooler ‘shadow’ side, with evening daylight from a back window. The LX3 has captured this exactly as it appeared, without advertising a featured ‘Multi-Pattern White Balance’ setting, as say on the Ricoh (and which, incidentally, does work very well on the CX1) … nevertheless, the result speaks for itself.

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