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One of my first images with the LX3, taken on the day I got it. I remember not having had it for long – maybe an hour or two – and this is image number 290 ! And there were very many more shots taken that day … and ever since.

Maybe that’s a good indicator of just how much enjoyment I got from this LX3, and which I still do today. This image was shot at The Jaipur building, in Milton Keynes. It’s a feat of Eastern-style architecture, beautifully built and amazing to look at, especially in good daylight.

The night-lighting of this all-white structure is inventive, and has certainly been carefully thought-out. As a very recognisable part of the MK skyline, it’s also a great photographic subject. I was pleased to capture this image at dusk on that first day with the LX3, and although the original file was already bursting with colour, I’ve also run it through DxO FilmPack on an ‘Agfa Ultra Color’ film type.

Although not as over-the-top as it may have been (I’m talking saturation), the colours have been enhanced, yet remain close to reality …

There are many more LX3 images, including several architectural, cityscape and urban image folders, at … hope you enjoy them.



From the weekend while I was at Excel, I processed this image of Poplar DLR station from the RAW file, then in DxO Labs FilmPack v2, and liked the Selenium toning option, in keeping with the style of the image. I chose not to add grain, so as to maintain smooth sky and detail on the platform and tracks.

For more details, go to where there’s a free trial download of the software. You may also be interested in checking out for more information on the expert development partner that DxO chose to work with.

As usual, visit for a separate LX3 gallery dedicated to DxO Labs FilmPack v2 conversions, where you can see how well it works with LX3 high-res files – enjoy !