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Industrial …

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Industrial ...

Take one rainy day, an interesting structure (local stadium, in this case), and an Olympus E-P1, with the M.Zuiko 14-42mm lens.

I’ve been taken with some of the results I’ve seen from the new ‘Dramatic’ Art Filter in the new E-PL2, and thought I’d aim for a similar treatment in my post-processing software of choice – Nikon Capture NX. The same effect – which I’ve intentionally kept on the more subtle side in this image  – would be achievable in pretty well any photo pp software, with a hike in contrast, reduced saturation …and some of the shadow detail brought out.

As I always find, the E-P1’s jpeg output is easily good enough to work on in this way … I didn’t bother altering the RAW file on this occasion.

I’m looking forward to an occasional sunny day (!) that coincides with a free weekend, where some modelling would help lift things visually… although realistically, the image here was the kind of look I was going for anyway, and wouldn’t necessarily have been improved upon with a very much more expensive camera & glass.



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On The Road

Whichever camera you decide to use/happen to have with you, there’s one aspect – quite apart from focal range, colour/file output, sensor size or optical quality – that will be the make or break of the images you want to make.

Without the intended exposure – which of course happens thanks to the metering & quality of the internal processor – the photographer will struggle to make the image look as planned, whether that’s something that equates with what the eyes saw at the time, or perhaps an interpretation …maybe a sillhouette, or perhaps overexposure on a miserable (weather) day to give a high-key image.

In using my Olympus E-P1 much more in recent months, it’s noticeable that its exposure capabilities – especially on what Olympus call their ESP setting – are amongst the very best of any camera out there …regardless of class or price. Just another reason to appreciate the innate qualities of the E-P1 – officially discontinued, but still available at a bargain price.

And, guess what ? Although it’s been discontinued for quite some time now, it’s still capable of stunning output … one of the most capable cameras I’ve ever owned, whether for its colour output (great jpegs – hardly use RAWs), great awb, electronic levels, variable aspect ratios, inbuilt filters, size & usability … or its deadly accurate metering for the right (my intended!) EXPOSURE virtually every time.