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Well, if you’d read my last post – I know, it was some time ago – you’ll know that m43 has been on my mind as a potentially superior recording medium without the inconvenience of a larger system. A natural successor to the LX3, you might say. Still small, still doesn’t (quite!) fit into the pocket, still straightforward to use. Highly satisfying.

Given the announcement of the Olympus E-P2 a couple of months or so ago, and following very much research on my part, I made a decision based on the fact that E-P2 was to be no more or less of a compromise  (like most things in life) than the E-P1.

I preferred the cosmetics of the Olympus E-P1, with its highly-polished stainless steel exterior, and its great feel in the hand making it seem something special …which it has truly proved to be.  I bought it for its substantially improved image quality over the still-stunning LX3 – but there’s no getting away from the fact that large sensors will always perform far better than smaller ones – alongside the benefits of great in-body image stabilisation, multi-aspect options, built-in level and many other features that make one’s photographic life easier. However, there’s one thing that’s built-in to the E-P1 that you can’t put a price on : inspiration.

Inspiration to get out there, anytime, anywhere, almost regardless of the weather …. and to Shoot. And Enjoy.      Every Time.

Of course, none of this would count if the image quality wasn’t exceptional – which, for its size & price (we’re not talking Leica M9 at £5K plus glass here) – it really is. Thanks to the best exposure accuracy I’ve so far experienced in a camera, superb colour rendition, and carefully-judged tone curves combining to give jpeg output better than anything I’ve used so far…and with a correctly set-up E-P1, you’re guaranteed excellent results every time.

So What Now ?   So, what of my LX3 ?  Sold it to a new owner in South London, who I hope gets as much enjoyment from it as I have. And what of LX3 Imaging ? Well, it’s going to evolve into ‘E-P1 Imaging’ if you like, but I’ll just keep posting here – for those of you that may be interested.

It’s a continuing photographic journey, and if you decide to progress to an E-P1, or just take an interest in its usage, join me here. It goes on with an inspirational tool that I feel has already opened up my photography, sharpened my vision, increased my enjoyment of photography. High praise indeed. But it really has a lot to do with that priceless in-built USP I mentioned above – and it’s one thing that you won’t find measured in a ‘lab’ test ….and it’s also one that some much more expensive kit just can’t begin to compete with.  Fallen for it ? Unequivocally, YES !

As usual, E-P1 portfolio at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com ….E-P1 2010 / E-P1 2009 / E-P1 Monochrome and more !

  1. Mr 76 says:

    You said about “a correctly set-up E-P1” I wondered if you wouldn’t mind sharing your settings/tips I only got my EP1 2 weeks ago ( got both kit lens and I’m still looking at the manual) previously I’ve been using LX3, K10D & K100D.

  2. grandefullbody says:

    I purchased an LX3 a little over a year ago and found your blog around that time. Since then, I’ve checked on it regularly but haven’t been back for a while.

    Strangely enough, I purchased the E-P1 about a month ago and decided that I might sell my LX3. Today, I happened upon your blog only to find that you’ve done the same thing.

    Great minds think alike, I see!

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