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It’s a well-known fact that images appearing in The Architectural Review – the must-read UK mag for architects – are often captured on absolutely the highest-quality imaging devices known to man : Hasselblad H3D (soon H4D), H prime lenses, Sinar, Leaf and PhaseOne digital backs of 30Mp and upwards, Nikon D3X, Canon 1Ds III ….the best available. This is of course the norm for much commercial work these days, and art directors & image editors insist on a certain level of quality.

Why ? Especially when they’re not going to be printed at poster-size ? Well, the consideration is that the capture of the finest detail is paramount, alongside excellent colour rendition and overall white balance, use of  specialist  ’tilt&shift’  (ie PC-) lenses etc.

I challenged myself to see what I could achieve with the F200EXR, in particular aiming to replicate fairly high-res (ok, not 40/50Mp !) files, with a definite ‘AR’ look. I’m happy with the results, one of which is above.

How did I get it to look this way ? 

1/ Normal file processing in Capture NX ….levels, sharpening, saturation – the usual

2/ Correction in Photoshop to lose the converging verticals …didn’t have a crane handy when I made the image

3/ DxO Labs FilmPack …Polaroid Polachrome Colour Positive setting, with a few tweaks

High-end Medium Format Digital back & lenses/pro retouching etc etc  £40K …. versus F200EXR  : £249

Don’t get me wrong here – the Hasselblad H3D  that I’ve experienced is capable of capturing absolutely unbelievable detail – sometimes too much !  Hardly the same, but I think the F200EXR rose to the challenge on this occasion.

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