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Back to the F200EXR….

If you’ve read any of my previous comments on this model, you may have detected a little ‘uncertainty’ on my part. It’s a camera that certainly needs – and deserves – a little more care than some other compacts, if one is to extract the best from it.

That could be down to its design fundamentals, which certainly separate it from all others. It’s that EXR sensor. Just works differently, and you have to control it as you see fit, to get the results you’re after. Have to admit a little frustration early on, not least of which was directed towards its very cool – make that ‘blue’ – auto white balance.

Some of you will know that I’m really fussy about colour rendition – it’s the make or break of an image, as far as I’m concerned. Whether the intention is to record as accurately as possible what the eye sees, or perhaps to display an enhanced version of that – or a ‘diminished’ (colour-wise) version – I believe it needs to be somewhere pretty near to start with, if I’m to be at all satisfied with using a given camera on an ongoing basis.

Yes, you can mess around setting a custom white balance – becomes painful after a while, especially if you want to be quick. The awb needs to work well, and the F200’s basically doesn’t…with the original firmware. So – what to do ?

Having just revisited this Fuji compact,  deciding that it was really only this white balance aspect that I found irritating, I’ve started to experiment with other settings – I’ll be posting results here regularly, to hopefully help those others that have found this critical aspect of a camera’s performance a little wide of the mark on the F200EXR.

So far, I’ve had really good results using the ‘Fluorescent 1’ setting for outdoors use on a cloudy/grey day, and I know of another user that has achieved great results on the ‘Underwater’ setting in the Scene modes ..’Go figure’, in US-speak.

The image above has nothing to do with a white balance setting, you may think …but it started well in colour, before I converted to BW in DxO Labs FilmPack software – this one using the Fuji Neopan 1600 setting.

As usual, more in my again-growing F200EXR  gallery at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com …colour version is in there as well !


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