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Given that there’s been so much new camera activity lately – both in DSLR and compact market areas, as well as the recent launch of the Olympus E-P1, this is apparently some detail on a forthcoming LX3 replacement.

Rumours have been rife for a while – perhaps what we see above will be the reality, and with so many reported LX3 global stock shortages, maybe it’ll be here sooner than we think.

So, for those not quite enamoured of the E-P1 …is the GF1 the Holy Grail ? 

Just maybe.

  1. Andrew H says:

    Wow! This could be my perfect camera…
    The image looks too good, too well done, to be faked.
    Also, given Panasonic’s link with Leica, this could be marketed as a new Leica CL d.
    I hope it’s for real, and I hope it’s affordable…

  2. Juha Haataja says:

    Looks nice – would complement nicely my LX3.

  3. magnolio says:

    IMHO these tiny fotocameras EP-1, GF1 Lumix, and the yet to be born Ricoh GRxxxx and Samsung NX mean the end of good old SLR system, with its clunky mirror and huge prism….A new era could we say. SLR system is 60 years old after all, it’s time for lighter and less obstrusive cameras.

  4. Piet Osefius says:

    This looks great, I think it would blow away the E-P1!

  5. PPL says:

    Excellent !!!!!

  6. Me says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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