I’d been planning to get a mini tripod for some time, as my full-size D3-handling Manfrotto – which I don’t use very often anyway – lives in my car, and is way bigger than necessary for use with the LX3. Don’t really feel inclined to cart it around, either.

Having searched long & hard for the (I eventually found out) discontinued Giottos QU-200 U-pod, which looked ideal for my planned use, without any luck in finding one, I was short on options.

Many smaller tripods that I looked at were a bit ‘Heath-Robinson’, and were either table-top-use only, or complete overkill. While I was online, ordering a couple of spare batteries and memory cards, I decided to try the ‘Compact camera’ version of the Gorillapod (£14.00).

I can’t say I was particularly attracted by the look of it, but more the usability. Being able to use it like a ‘normal’, straight-legged tripod was of course the plan, but being able to also safely attach the LX3 in position on a fence, railing, branch, chair (as shown above, on the right) etc, is a useful added feature.

There’s a locking ring for extra security, flexible joints on each leg, and foot grips. Therefore, no need for a flat surface from which to work. As you can see above, it’s a consideration that because the LX3 tripod mount is located on the left-hand side of the camera (from the back) … ie just slightly to the left of the square L badge, looking from the front … it’s not quite as stable as I would have liked, but that’s as much to do with the LX3 design, and it’s ok in use, with care.

Some results to follow in a future posting, but so far, so good …definitely recommended, but only for cameras up to a specified weight limit of 325g (11.5oz).. so fine for LX3, but for DSLRs, they make a couple of other models.

LX3 galleries at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com, and more details on the Gorillapod at http://joby.com …you’ll see it’s also available in other colour options.


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