This is D’Any’s Terrace, with a great-looking ‘Sizzler’ menu, situated just off King Street – captured this with my ever-present LX3 as I walked in Cambridge this afternoon … it caught my eye with the great light catching the table-tops and skimming the chairs, and I was glad of my decent peripheral vision, without which I could have easily just walked by and missed it. There was sadly too little time today to sample the food & drink here, but it’s logged for future.

This image was captured in RAW, processed in Silkypix then Capture NX as usual, and the LX3’s long depth-of-field was definitely a help in reproducing the look of the scene as I saw it. 

For many more new images from the LX3, take a look at the ‘July 09’  folder at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com … and enjoy !

Just as a reminder, if your interest in photography, and cameras specifically, is increasing exponentially – and you really need to feed the habit – suggest you also take a good look at http://1001noisycameras.com on a regular basis !

  1. cherokeebydesign says:

    Looks like a nice place.


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