Having been in production since 1939, with the demise of Kodachrome a few days ago, and as digital photographers that really care about how our shots look (one of the reasons we use LX3), there are thankfully some superb replications available via software – and this no doubt helped fuel declining sales of the film itself.

If you’re an LX3 jpeg shooter, you’ll surely be delighted with the different ‘film’ looks built-in to the camera, especially as these are user-adjustable to your own tastes. But these are more to do with the final output (as a jpeg) … which you could of course also then run in DxO or similar, but with a different character from an accurate version… because the starting point was different.

Above are examples of Kodachrome versions in my favourite DxO Labs FilmPack software, shown side-by-side against an original file, so that you can see the comparative colour shifts and character applied in each case.  In these versions, I didn’t increase contrast or saturation. For those interested in the history of Kodachrome, go to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodachrome for an accurate summary.

If you’re interested in trying DxO FilmPack for yourself, go to www.dxolabs.com for a free trial or purchase. There are of course many other types of software that aim to do the same thing, but the DxO version is so accurate and so easy to use & adjust to taste (and relatively inexpensive as well), that I find it the best one out there for my own use.

For a complete & constantly updated gallery of LX3 files that have been converted in FilmPack, just go to http://nickbland.zenfolio.com. There are currently 104 comparative images up there, showing the ‘Normal pp’ (original/post-processed) file, then the DxO version, with its description below.


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