For all LX3 users out there – have you ever actually had large prints from your files ?

I just received today 3 prints that I’d ordered via upload the other evening. They’re 24″ x16″  (that’s the paper size …my images are in 16:9, so they’re printed full width, shorter in height) … and all look fantastic.

But the real killer ?    That’s a 30″ x 20″ print of  one of my recent Canary Wharf favourites (16:9, same again), top left, which looks absolutely stunning ! Thought I’d try it, just to see … being used to prints from my D3, I really wasn’t expecting this – and there was no special post-processing, just my usual, and the results really are spectacular – I’ll be organising frames this weekend.

If you’ve not yet bothered to ‘print large’ from your LX3, treat yourself – I can’t recommend it highly enough …and I reckon you’ll be really surprised by what can come from a carefully designed small-sensor camera, with albeit an amazing lens – EVEN if you’re a DSLR owner/user as well.

By the way, these images were all shot handheld.  Many more LX3 16:9 images at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com

  1. Phil Stanley says:


    is this the link for colourworld that you use

    It’s what google bought up but not to sure, couldn’t seem to find a price list on it.

    May I ask how you display your prints, framed behind glass? heat sealed?
    curious as I intend to get some prints made up


    • nickbland says:

      that’s the one I used … you need to register with them to be able to use their services.
      I normally have prints mounted, and non-reflective glass in the frame. Although the Colorworld prints are the real thing – they use expensive archival inks on Kodak Endura paper (1ooyrs lifespan… if kept out of the sun !), the reality is that there wil eventually be some fading – at which point, reprint from the digital files again.

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