We know how versatile the LX3 is, and in capturing the detail on this old pot, I was really pleased to not only get the level of fine detail I’d hoped for, but also a very accurate white balance. I’m not obsessive about this, but there was definitely room for a lot of improvement on the LX3, and Panasonic have done a fantastic job of it.

Some who’ve been reading LX3 Imaging will know that I’ve been using RAW files lately, wherever possible (ie time allowing), and that on such files, the wb can be changed at will in the SilkyPix raw converter software. Fact is, I’ve left it on the ‘camera default’ setting in SP most of the time – and my LX3 is set to Auto White Balance, with the latest firmware installed.

On this image, there’s the tail end of the warm evening glow coming in from the r/h side, while on the left is the much cooler ‘shadow’ side, with evening daylight from a back window. The LX3 has captured this exactly as it appeared, without advertising a featured ‘Multi-Pattern White Balance’ setting, as say on the Ricoh (and which, incidentally, does work very well on the CX1) … nevertheless, the result speaks for itself.

Many more new LX3 images & galleries at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com … hope you find something there that you’ll like !


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