And for those that see the world in black & white (and, photographically speaking, I increasingly do), here’s a mono conversion done in DxO Labs FilmPack, on the Ilford XP2 setting, with the relevant film grain added for authenticity.

More info on the excellent DxO Filmpack software at http://www.dxolabs.com, and for more LX3 mono images, see galleries at http://nickbland.zenfolio.com

  1. I also dig the LX3…so much that I have worn mine out and need to get a second one unless a new model comes out.

  2. DanKhoo says:

    awesome jobs with the lx3! you have my thumbs up!

  3. Martin Greenberg says:

    One of the reasons I purchased the LX3 was for the dynamic B&W. I love the look of this setting. I seldom use a color setting. I carry one of my Oly DSLR cams for that. As I have a 16GB card, I suppose I could use the multiple film setting but I haven’t figured out how to do that. Same for the firmware updates. Who cares?


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