Auto White Balance – Revisited.

I’m using the LX3 more than ever lately, setting it for RAW + jpeg capture, and find myself using SilkyPix to process the RAWs when the mood takes me. This is really only to extract maximum quality from the file, though, and I’ve found that Panasonic’s most recent firmware upgrade has made a huge improvement to the quality of the LX3 Auto White Balance.

This has been to the extent that unless for creative reasons, I’m not needing to change from the AWB in SP. Nice to have the option, but generally no need to go there. Not only is this a time-saver, but makes the whole photography process that much more enjoyable. Without doubt, I was previously finding the wb to be quite a way out, on daylight and especially tungsten lighting. In my experience so far, this latest upgrade has now made LX3 colour rendering reliable in virtually all lighting conditions.

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