There seems to be an increasing number – in the UK at least – of ‘DSLR’ magazines, and even the more general photography mags have latched onto it  –  it seems that ‘DSLR’ has become the new ‘NEW’ in photography advertising – in other words, mention that and it’ll shift copies.

Many of you (I’m guessing, of the 2,000-odd views of this site just today) have either considered it, or bought into, the DSLR thing – like me – because you need one for certain types of photography. In my case, it’s weddings. That also involves strobes (‘speedlights’), a selection of lenses, backup bodies, backup lenses, backup strobes, etc …. and cases & bags to carry them all in.

This, of course, is wonderful for profitable sales revenue for the manufacturers – and nothing wrong with that. But the feeling when leafing through a few of these DSLR mags lately is that it’s portrayed as an ESSENTIAL element in great photography, and that if you don’t bite now, you will at some point in the future.

My assertion is that with as capable a camera as the LX3, you can have most bases covered in a highly portable model that’s great fun to use, where an equivalent lens – only- for a DSLR with a 24-60mm  f2-2.8 would run in to many times the cost of an LX3 … and you begin to realise what stunning value it is. That it can be used for very many types of photography, with the hotshoe enabling radio triggered off-camera flash, and you have an amazing machine at your disposal.

More on the LX3 off-camera flash aspect in an upcoming section.

Go to http://nickbland.zenfolio.com for more new LX3 galleries


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