7th June 2009 :  Been meaning to do this for some time – really since the start of the year, when I first acquired my Panasonic Lumix LX3.

Even then, supply from Panasonic wasn’t great, and several thousand images later, this has become my most-used camera ….. ever.

Given its wide-ranging abilities, I believe the LX3 is fast becoming a modern classic that will be looked upon as a groundbreaking photographic tool that set a new benchmark at its inception.

To see just what the LX3 is capable of, visit for (many!) new & updated galleries, subdivided into categories for ease of use.

For those of you just generally obsessed by photographic gear, I also recommend a visit to  for all of the latest info, rumours, opinion, reviews and more 

WARNING : it can be addictive !

  1. Phil says:

    Looking forward to trying out my new LX3 bought today, sick of lugging a DSLR everywhere, getting to old for that

  2. nickbland says:

    You’re sure to enjoy it, Phil ….all 200 or so grams of it !
    All the best,

  3. Veronica says:

    I just got mine over the weekend as a camera I can use to get into photography (I’m a beginner). I absolutely love it! So small, yet able to do so much

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